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Sun January 19, 2020
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Using the UtahHelpWanted.com search

How it works

UtahHelpWanted.com searches are very powerful. You can choose the quick or advanced searches.You specify what you are looking for and the search will pull up all matches leaving out any records that do not match. The more parameters in your search, the more specific the search, the fewer matching records you will find. If you leave all search parameters empty, you will get a list of all posted jobs or resumes.

The Quick Search

With the quick search, you can search jobs or resumes by location or by keyword.Keywords could be something like "nurse, heart" or "wait staff, evening". The search will parse through all titles and descriptions for matches. See the full explanation for keywords below.

Saved Searches

Saved searches are very simple. Using cookies, they keep track of your search parameters. You can save any search done in the "Advanced Search" pages as a "Saved Search". These links will appear in the menu under "Quick Search" once you have saved them.

The Advanced Search

Advanced search gives you five parameters to choose from in your search to include keywords. You can choose multiple selections from each parameter as well. For example, leaving all other parameters blank, you could search for jobs in both Salt Lake and Provo at one time, by selecting both in the location field. You can get as specific as you want, though the more parameters the less matches you will have. The best method is to keep your search as general as possible while still meeting your desires. This would give you the maximum number of responses.


  • Searches the "Title", "Introduction" and "Resume" or "Job Description" fields.
  • Case insensitive..."dns" is the same as "DNS", "dNs" or "Dns".
  • separate words and phrases with a comma.
        For example: linux,network engineer,sysadmin
  • A "-" before a word signifies "NOT" and will disregard any matches with that word in it.

    Location, Industry, Tax Term, Salary

  • Leaving Blank will match every entry.
  • Searches respective fields only in job or resume listings.
  • Exact searches.
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